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Micron and Gauge Conversions

This is how we markup all of our polythene products. The higher the gauge the thicker the plastic

Approximate figures are: 100 gauge – 150 gauge (lightweight), 200 gauge – 250 gauge (medium weight) and 400 gauge – 500 gauge (heavyweight)

If you know the micron of your plastic bags, to work out the gauge simply times your value by 4. I.e. 62.5 Micron x 4 = 250 gauge

Use our Calculator

Input in each of unit boxes: length (if you lie your bag flat this measurement is the base of the bag from left to right), width (also known as depth of the bag, this is the measurement of the gusset or do not input a value if your bag is 2D/ has no side or bottom dimension) and height (from base of bag to handle or open end)

Samples – Trying before you buy

Most of our bags can be sent out as samples free of charge. We would always prefer you trying before making a purchase to make sure you get the correct product for you! Please call or email us to request a sample.

Please call 0121 622 2347 or email to enquire further, our friendly staff are more than happy to help

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