We are pleased to introduce our new sale section. Have a look at our wide variety of heavily discounted or half price items such as Sacks, Tape, Mailers, Tarpaulins & More!

Check back in frequently as we have a large backlog of products that we are currently working through to add to this page

Discounted items

Can be found inside of each indvidual product group, the first line of the product description will highlight which item is in our sale

Current Best Sellers

Foil lined Paper bags a.k.a Chicken or Naan Bags, have a paper outer and a foil lined inner to keep food warm during transit

Misprint Sacks, which are a strong reusable bag that is comparable to our compactor, rubble and extractor sacks

Pedal Bin liners which can act as a multiuse polybag, counter bag or to contain lightweight waste


Due to the massive savings already applied, a discount code can not be accepted for these items