Paper Bags

Please view our wide variety of bags. Individual descriptions are listed below

Paper Carrier Bags

We have a wide variety of colours, thicknesses, and sizes. Paper allows for a smoother appearance which adds a personal touch to your packaging

Carrier bags commonly come with a stylish twisted paper handle. We do however carry other styles, such as corded rope handles for our glossy bags often used in clothing boutiques and an easy to store flat paper taped handle commonly used for takeaway or food outlets

As with all our bags, discounts are applied when bought in bulk, however unlike plastic bags, you can purchase these singularly- ideal for gifting or events

Open-Ended Bags

Open Ended bags are commonly used for food. Brown flat paper bags are strung together for ease of use, whilst our Film front bags and Baguette sleeves have a clear window to display confectionary items in

Foil lined paper bags (also known as naan bags or chicken bags) have a paper outer with a foil inner to retain heat whilst food is in transport

Grab Kraft bags have a square base that allows items to stand up and have a smooth outer appearance

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Input in each of unit boxes: length (if you lie your bag flat this measurement is the base of the bag from left to right), width (also known as depth of the bag, this is the measurement of the gusset or do not input a value if your bag is 2D/ has no side or bottom dimension) and height (from base of bag to handle or open end)

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