Fuchsia Polythene Carriers (Various Sizes)

Sale Item: Fuchsia Carrier 380mm x 457mm FURTHER REDUCTIONS ON 500 BAGS

Sold In Boxes of 100

Specifictions for Fuchsia 250 x 300 + 75mm Bags:

Dimensions (millimetres):

width x height

Thickness: 160 gauge / 40 Micron

Specifictions for Fuchsia 380 x 457 + 75mm Bags:

Dimensions (millimetres):

width x height + bottom gusset

Thickness: 180 gauge / 45 Micron

Reinforced Handles – patched and turn over top (TOT) handles provide extra strength.

They are particularly useful for start-up companies who do not wish to incur the costs of bespoke packaging and for any other retailer seeking a cost-effective merchandise packaging solution.

£7.50 - £25.00 + VAT