Black Refuse Sacks

Sale Item: Black Refuse Sacks 80g 450 x 725 x 975mm ALL PRICE BREAKS REDUCED

Sold as Indvidually Specified


Dimensions (millimetres):

width x depth x height

Thickness Options: 80 gauge / 20 Micron – 225 gauge / 56.2 Micron

High quality Black polythene Refuse Sacks suitable for general industrial and domestic use

The strength of our premium sacks 180g gauge – 225gauge make them ideal for heavy or wet rubbish and ensures they will not split or puncture. The linear low density gives superior strength and puncture resistance

Our light duty 80 gauge – 120 gauge refuse sacks are ideal where bulky but lightweight refuse needs to be disposed of. Ideal for an office environment, general household rubbish or used as a bin-liner

£5.00 - £40.00 + VAT