Great for bulkier items, our sacks come in a variety of thicknesses and styles

Black Refuse, Clear Refuse, Colour Refuse & Wheelie Bin Liners

Our black refuse and clear refuse are a couple of our most popular items, they come in 4 different thicknesses ranging from lightweight 80 gauge – heavyweight 225 gauge and are an ideal way to dispose of both household and workplace rubbish

Brightly Coloured, our Coloured Refuse sacks are easily identifiable. All colours are made with a medium 140-gauge polythene and are mainly used as an organisation tool

Wheelie bin liners are lightweight as they are primarily used to keep the mess out of your bins

Compactor, Extractor & Misprint Sacks

Misprint sacks are made from a comparable heavy thickness to our compactor and extractor sacks, ideal for garden waste and building debris but can also be used in a multitude of different ways

Compactor and Extractor sacks are made from a thick and tear resistant polythene. The clear compactor sacks are made from recyclable plastics, should you wish to find an eco-friendly alternative. Commonly used to fit over the machines they are made for, although they are also ideal to dispose of heavy rubbish

Woven Polyprop Sacks

Also known as sandbags, they are commonly used in the building and construction trade. We also offer a large 1 tonne size in this style made with four corner loop handles, this helps with the loading and unloading process

Use our Calculator

Input in each of unit boxes: length (if you lie your bag flat this measurement is the base of the bag from left to right), width (also known as depth of the bag, this is the measurement of the gusset or do not input a value if your bag is 2D/ has no side or bottom dimension) and height (from base of bag to handle or open end)