PVC Pond Liner and Underlay – PER METRE

Sold Per Meter

Specifications Pond Underlay:

Dimensions (metres):

2 Metre width of roll x Various Length of Roll

Thickness: 250 gauge / 62.5 Micron

Specifications Pond Liner:

Dimensions (metres):

4 Metre or 8 Metre wide roll x Various Length of Roll

Thickness: 0.5mm

Heavyweight pond liners manufactured out of PVC. Come with a lifetime guarantee. Use in conjunction with our pond underlay, essential to preserve the durability of your liner.

Joining your pond liner: Overlap sheets of pond liner and tape along the top and underside of the join with our Black Jointing tape. Overlap of sheets should be at least 60cm/ 6000mm/ 0.6M/ 2ft.

Working Out Your Pond Liner- Metric:

0.6 (Overlap) + Depth +Width + Depth + 0.6 (Overlap) = TOTAL WIDTH

0.6 (Overlap) + Depth + Length + Depth + 0.6 (Overlap) = TOTAL LENGTH

Working Out Your Pond Liner- Imperial:

2 (Overlap) + Depth +Width + Depth + 2 (Overlap) = TOTAL WIDTH

2 (Overlap) + Depth + Length + Depth + 2 (Overlap) = TOTAL LENGTH

Always round up your measurements to the nearest whole Metre/ Foot

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