PVC Pond Liner and Underlay – PER ROLL

Sold Per Roll

Please Note that this item is for Local Delivery or Collection Only

For further afield deliveries, please call us on 0121 622 2347

Specifications Pond Underlay:

Dimensions (metres):

width of roll x length of roll

Thickness: 250 gauge / 62.5 Micron

Specifications Pond Liner:

Dimensions (metres):

width of roll x length of roll

Thickness: 0.5mm

Heavyweight pond liners manufactured out of PVC. Come with a lifetime guarantee. Use in conjunction with our pond underlay, essential to preserve the durability of your liner.

Joining your pond liner: Overlap sheets of pond liner and tape along the top and underside of the join with our Black Jointing tape. Overlap of sheets should be at least 60cm/ 6000mm/ 0.6M/ 2ft.

Working Out Your Pond Liner- Metric:

0.6 (Overlap) + Depth +Width + Depth + 0.6 (Overlap) = TOTAL WIDTH

0.6 (Overlap) + Depth + Length + Depth + 0.6 (Overlap) = TOTAL LENGTH

Working Out Your Pond Liner- Imperial:

2 (Overlap) + Depth +Width + Depth + 2 (Overlap) = TOTAL WIDTH

2 (Overlap) + Depth + Length + Depth + 2 (Overlap) = TOTAL LENGTH

Always round up your measurements to the nearest whole Metre/ Foot

For “Per Metre” Rate Please Click Here: https://expresspolythene.co.uk/product/pvc-pond-liner-and-underlay-per-metre/

£398.75£748.75 + VAT


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