Shrink Film Sealers And Accessories

Sold Individually

Please Note:

  • Staff are more than happy to help you over the phone or in store how to use your machine
  • A ‘Heat Sealer Agreement’ will be emailed over to you to sign – which actions your warranty and discloses the proper usage of your machine
  • Rarely Heat Sealers can be faulty / break: Please call us on 0121 622 2347, where we can talk you through the returns procedure (we can usually repair small issues ourselves free of cost)

IS400RW 400mm wide sealer comes with a cutting wire (maxium sealing is 400mm)

LBS 300 L-Bar Heat Sealer is ideal for rapid shrink wrapping, as the dual bars simultaneously seal the film’s two open edges (maxium sealing of both sides is 300mm)

After placing the item inside of the film (as it is folded on a roll) and sealing the edges with a machine, use our hot air blower to create a tight fit around your item – adding the spreader nozzle allows a larger area to be shrunk, cutting down time and increasing work efficiency

As the hot air gun can get very hot, the safety stand which the gun fits into, is a must to inkeep with safety regulations in the workplace

Roller stand allow the shrink film to be dispensed smoothly and easily – they can also dispense layflat tubing

Measurements specified in the description are the width of the film/ tubing the stand can take up to

£25.00£325.00 + VAT


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