Shock Cord – PER ROLL & PER METRE And Hooks

Sold as Individually Specified

Please Note that Auto-Locking Hooks are Sold Seperately to the Cord

Specification for Black and Green Shock Cord Per Metre:

Dimensions (millimetres x metres):

Black: 6mm wide x Various Metre Lengths

Green: 8mm wide x Various Metre Lengths

Specification for Black and Green Shock Cord Per Roll:

Dimensions (millimetres x metres):

width of cord x length of cord on roll

Polypropylene Shock Cord Reels can be cut to specific lengths for your convenience – supple and easy to use

The shape of the shock cord also offers excellent resistance to abrasion, providing a flexible yet durable fixing for your tarpaulin

The central core of the cord is composed of a solid natural rubber with UV protection. The outer braiding is a high tenacity polypropylene, again with added UV protection

Shock cord provides a quicker and easier way to secure and unfasten tarps, and in absorbing sudden shock upon the tarpaulin, its much kinder on eyelets than a rigid product like polypropylene rope

Black Autlocking Hook is a 2-part accessory which can be attached to the end of our 6mm shock cord to create a handy hook fixing

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