Corotile Charcoal Grey Roofing

Sold As Individually Specified

Please Note: Roofing sheets are for Local Delivery or Collection Only, for further afield deliveries please call us on 0121 622 2347

Please Note: We cannot accept returns on any of our sheets- this is to ensure our customers are supplied brand-new / scratch-free sheeting each time : Should you wish to discuss this please call us on 0121 622 2347

Corotile is a innovative lightweight metal roofing system which is easy to fit on any size of roof

Its distinct profile and charcoal finish can enhance a wide variety of small building projects, from tool sheds to garden offices

Easy to install, strong & secure, comes with a 15 year guarantee

To Install You will Need:

  • Corototile Roof Panel
  • Corototile Roof Ridge
  • Corotile End Cap
  • Corotile Fixings
  • Corotile Barge Board- Available to order call us on 0121 622 2347

A minimum slope of 5° is essential in any structure to ensure water run-off (10° or more is better).

  • Attach Barge Boards: Fix the Barge Boards to all sides of the roof. Align with the existing roof boarding at the eaves and align flush at the ridge. Overlap the Barge Boards as required giving a minimum of 25mm overlap. To fix into place, screw the special screw and washer fittings into sides of each Barge Board at overlaps and centres.
  • Fixing the Tile Sheets: Start fixing the first complete row of Tile Sheets at the eaves into position. Working from left to right, fix each Tile Sheet by using the special screw and washer fixings fixed securely into the centre of the pans and near to the joins. Once the first row is secure, progress to place and fix the next row up of Tile Sheets into position. Align each tile with the row below, lay right over left and overlap with a full Tile Sheet at the end of the row.
  • Set out the Tile Sheets vertically: Allow a 50mm gap at the ridge (for the Ridge Cap) and an adequate overhang at the eaves. Set out the number of Tile Sheets and overlapping required for the vertical using full pan widths and depths.
  • Set out first row of Tile Sheets: Laying right over the left, set out the first row of Tile Sheets horizontally across the roof at the eaves, centring the Tile Sheets to allow equal gutters up to a maximum of 75mm either side. Lay the last Tile Sheet in the row by simply overlapping it as required – there is no need to cut.
  • Please note: only overlap Tile Sheets by full pan widths and depths. Do not fix into position at this point.
  • Attach Ridge End Caps: Once all the Tile Sheets have been fixed securely into position, you are now ready to attach the Ridge End Caps and Ridge. Place Ridge End Caps into position centring on the apex of the roof and fix a screw and washer fixing into the centre . Bend over both ears to underlap the Ridge Cap when fitted.
  • Attach the Ridge Cap: Put the first Ridge Cap into place flush with the end of the Barge Board and Ridge End Cap. Fix using the screw and washer fixings attached securely into the Barge Boards at the end, and then along the length down into the flange of the Tile Sheet underneath. Overlap the next Ridge Cap and fix a screw and washer fixing through both sections. Repeat along the length of the ridge using a full Ridge Cap at the other end.
  • Fixing Positions: We recommend using 9 fixings per Tile Sheet and 3 fixings per Barge Board including overlap. Recommended minimum roof pitch of 10°. Allow for 75mm gutter.


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