Blue Vinyl Gloves

Sale Item: Medium Powdered Gloves

Sold Per Box of 100 Gloves

To find the correct size glove: Measure the width (base of thumb to base of little finger) of your palm. Medium gloves should fit hands that are 8.5cm (3.4″) wide, Large gloves should fit hands that are 9.5cm (3.8″) wide and X-Large gloves should fit hands that 10.5cm (4.22″) wide.

Vinyl gloves are low cost and strong, popular in care homes, food preparation and cleaning.

They have great strength and offer a good resistance to mild chemicals.

Vinyl is an excellent alternative to latex. Powder-free allergenic proteins. Both Powdered and Powder-free gloves are latex-free.

Please Note that Clear / Natural Vinyl Gloves are avaliable to order. Please call us on 0121 622 2347.

£4.50 - £9.95 + VAT