Lay Flat Tube 500 Gauge / Temporary Downpipe

Sale Item:

Layflat Tubing 62mm x 169 Metres 500 gauge

Sold Per Roll

Specifications for 500 gauge:

Dimensions (millimetres x metres):

width of roll x length of roll

Thickness: 500 gauge / 125 Micron

Calculate Temporary Downpipe Needed (Inches):

width of pipe x 1.5

Please round up to the next size i.e.

5″ (pipe width) x 1.5 = 7.5

Size tubing needed : 8

Secure the tubing with our cable ties

Making Clear Polythene Bags:

Polythene tubing also lets you make bags that are tailored to fit any size or shape product

Simply slide the tubing over the item, cut to desired length and close both ends by tying or with tape, staples or using a heat sealer

£10.00£125.00 + VAT


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